In October, the Washington County Board of Commissioners took the bold step of prioritizing the work of the REC by supporting it with a $250,000 grant! The Collaborative will use these funds to solidify its plans to strengthen the county’s communities of color.

Washington County flourishes like no other region in the state as a place to live, work, worship, and play because of its commitment to equity and racial justice as demonstrated by the presence, power and influence of its communities of color.

Increase the level of engagement and impact of people of color in the education, business, and public sectors for the benefit of the entire Washington County community.

The REC has identified three primary strategies to accomplish this goal, each of which depends upon
long-term investment from partners who recognize the benefits to Washington County.

1) Develop and strengthen the capacity of culturally-specific nonprofits and allied partners that work to empower communities of color;
2) Establish a foundation that supports the civic, economic, and cultural infrastructure for Washington County’s communities of color; and
3) Increase collaboration between communities of color and existing bodies of leadership across
sectors including government, business, and education.

If you are interested in learning more about THE REC and want to be more engaged in
VAN’s work, please Contact us! We’re always looking for collaborative partners!

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